What is Trenton’s greatest challenge?

Trenton's greatest challenge is the dysfunctional discourse we see across city government. Without a well-functioning city government, our city cannot properly address some of our most pressing issues, such as the rise in community violence. In terms of the city's budget, we need to take a good, hard look at our current priorities and make some tough decisions on how we best serve our citizens and how we can best provide proper services.

How will you bridge the gap between Police and the Citizens?

I will support a police director that represents the community and what it means to be a Trenton resident. I believe in community policing, and integrating them to be a part of the city. I’d support a mentorship program that encourages the youth to be a part of the law enforcement community. Police presence is key.  That is how you build trust and create a great relationship and positive rapport in the city.  A re-introduction to the community needs to happen. I will do everything within the limits of my power to make that happen.

How will you bring investment into the City of Trenton?

Trenton is the Capital City, and we must first establish ourselves as a fiscally responsible government. The first step to bringing needed investment to Trenton is to prove that we are providing high-quality services to our residents and are working in the best interest of our city's residents. I will work to ensure that the majority of public sector jobs in Trenton go to Trenton residents. The unemployment rate in Trenton is 107% over the nation's average—sitting at10.7%. When you're driving on Rt. 1 South and take a glance at that "Trenton Makes and the World Takes" sign, residents know that the sign is accurate. It's an exact representation of the dysfunction that results in the people of Trenton suffering. We need new leadership to step up and work to address our city's most pressing issues.



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